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Night Pacing: Lessons Learned

So I had this great idea: Pace a speedy friend for the last 50 of his 100, take him to his 100 PR, do my first run-through-the-night, and push it near my own race pace while focusing on someone else's needs and speeds. It would feel light and easy and give me the confidence boost I needed to know my goals for my first 100 were within reason.

What really happened: I cramped sooner than I ever have, I wanted to call my husband and beg him to drive all the way out just to give me a hug and let me cry, I played loud music to make up for my inability to talk, and I dropped after 39 miles because my finicky knee ain't done healing yet.

OK, I'm not THAT whiney. I kept my mouth shut and trucked along like a good lil ultra runner and made sure everyone took their salt, tums, and correct calorie amounts at the proper times. (I also had the happiest stomach I have EVER had on an ultra distance. I'm finally learning what natural foods I can/can't eat for fuel.) I rode the pain…

healthy mom, healthy kids

A semi-viral blog post recently came to my attention. It all started because I mother found the list below from her 7 year old and had a bit of a fit, feeling that her daughter had succumbed to society's evil body images, had developed an unhealthy body image, and her rant on society for teaching about body images.

In her own words, "Where did shelearn the word diet?How does she even know what a freaking diet is? Whose fault is this?"
 "...F*ck you society. F*ck you and your and stupid obsession with women and the way they look. How dare you sneak into my home with your ridiculous standards and embed them in my little girls head, polluting her innocence with your pathetic ideals. Jog/run up and down the driv way three times. Your unrealistic expectations will not win in my house."
 View the whole post here. Hmmm. Where did she learn the word diet? Obviously not from her mother.

I think I am as frustrated with the comments on the post as I am with the mother. Rega…

"Turning mistakes into gold." -Eddie Veder

Debriefing. Discovering yourself in the wilderness. We must lose ourselves to find ourselves.
...these are all phrases I was brain-washed with as a Recreational Leadership Minor.

Ok, so if that last one is true, I must really be FOUND.

One of my goals this year was to discover more about myself, where my motivation comes from, and what works for me athletically.

I was contemplating this while running in negative temps at 4am (I woke up at 2:30am that morning I was just so excited to suffer). I ran 20 miles with only a 4oz sip of water, no salt, no electrolytes, no food (ok, I had a cookie). This was fun. It was filled with laughter. I mean, HEY, at least we weren't post-holing (sinking) all morning right?

So, what does it mean if the more miserable, awful, and suffer-filled a run becomes, the more I get satisfaction from it? I love bad trails. Blisters don't bother me, a lack of sleep is normal, and post-holing...well, that's just funny.

Scott Jurek talks about taking pleas…