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10 Reasons I Can Run 100 Miles- Reason #3

I'm still doing this? Wha..? C'mon people I'm an ultra runner, which basically means I'm as stubborn as a goat or git or donkey or whatever you feel like implying is also stubborn.


Reason #3: Support
(my support is better than yours.) (oh wait, I shouldn't say that. But really, a lot of awesome people have gone out on a limb to help support/crew/pace/encourage/inspire me)

I'm fortunate to go into this race with fantastic support.

So, most of my crew has never paced/crewed/raced a 100 before. Cool. Then all of us have no real idea what we're in for!

Seriously though- I have a very supportive spouse who is as excited for race day as I am, primarily because then all the drama will be over. Oh, and he wants to see me accomplish my dreams too I guess.
sometimes I even convince him to go running WITH me.
He's endlessly listened to running stats and reports of runs, even if we both know he's going over climbing moves in his head. Lately he's even used some of his climbing time to run, just in case I need him to hop in for a dozen miles. Having him out on the course will be motivating- I've learned I don't get sleepy I get sappy, usually just missing him. When I read Marshall Ullrich's Running On Empty, I, like most readers, got a little tired of listening to Marshall go on and on about how much he needed his wife as he ran across America. I don't pretend to have ever come close to experiencing anything he's experienced, but during my first run-through-the-night, I missed Ben like I never had before. I had the thought, "oh... this is what Marshall was talking about."

My darling husband, always goofy and always making me smile.

My children are also ecstatic to come. They get a Pez container on the drive down. They also know on runs like this there's usually bacon involved. ...That's about the extent of it. It's funny- sometimes at night they'll say prayers and pray that "Mommy will be safe while she runs all night while we sleep." Hey, I've only done that a couple of times!
the final day of the white rim, Fisher not wanting me to go

My Daddy will be coming to crew for me. He makes me believe that I can do anything.
My Dad ever crewing the runners, this time helping his grandsons at a race

He's also a very handy chiropractor, and it's nice knowing he'll be there if issues arise. He was the crew chief on a 3 day run of the White Rim as well as my crew for the 50 mile Pony Express race, so he has a decent idea of what he's in for. This will be the first time he won't be my every aid station! He's also listened to me talk way too much about running. He says he's going to force me keep going even if I'm crying and crawling. Knowing he's waiting there to soothe me at certain points of the race is really comforting.

the white rim crew chief
(Pony express photo of my Dad and I:!i=2165109569&k=cnRMKdx)

I've got two great pacers, Leslie and Jacob, each who are making the trek and taking time away from their kids and families and lives to come out and run with me. I am so grateful for that! Leslie's competitive and fast, I'm planning on her pushing me hard form 50-74. Jacob's one of the people I know who can give me a run for my money on the downhills-- even after running 90 miles of Wasatch! (Maybe I shouldn't have bribed him so much that day...) He's returning the favor of pacing the last 26 of a first 100.
I took this while pacing Jacob during his first 100

Leslie after rockin' a recent muddy trail race

There's also so many other friends who will be there from the SLC area, and since this course is an out-and-back I'll get to see them all during the race, something that I'm sure will be a big motivation boost and hopefully will provide me with a high to help me run for a while.

a lot of these folks will be @Bryce. sans instruments.

Then, there's all the support I have from people who won't be on the course-- So many friends who don't even live nearby who posted motivational quotes/memes for me during my high mileage weeks, constantly send me little messages telling me to keep going, etc. Even all of my road running friends from Logan have been filled with support these last couple weeks in their private running forums (and I love all the questions about where ultra runners poop an what our goal pace is etc lol!) But they just keep the energy and motivation coming, for which I am extremely grateful!

a NERC winter run

Recent NERC fun in Blacksmith Fork

There are also a few friends who have been there for me during endless training and recovery runs, witnessed my meltdowns, listened to hours of whining, and helped me address my fears coming in to this race. Friends who believe in me and tell me "when" not "if." Friends who've given tons of advice and shared their knowledge base since I'm such a newbie. Even though they won't be out on the course physically with me, their support will be and I know I'll be reflecting on it during the run.
Jim & Nate. Even though Jim's not part of my crew (he's racing)... he's still part of my crew.

I have beautiful people in my life who've encouraged and supported me all this time. I know I'll need their help, even if it's just reflecting on the times they've encouraged me. They all seem to believe I can do this, and they're also a big reason I can run 100 miles.


  1. Yep, we'll be there, with bells on. This will pan out to be one of the great all-time races for all of us. I can't wait.

    1. I think it'll a ton of fun. SO excited that all you guys will be there, helps with the nerves for the first one!

  2. What a great scrapbook of the past 6 months! Having your dad out on the course might even benefit other runners, too (as I know from personal experience). :-) You are so ready, Jennilyn. The only thing that could make you even more ready is to be older and have a bunch of these 100's already under your belt.

    1. thanks Jen. Experience triumphs everything... so I guess it's about time I get some lol

  3. I really loved the post. You are soooo ready for your first 100. It is gonna be pretty much awesome.

    1. thanks Scott. I'm excited to see you there!


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