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J-Lyn Runs: A Musical. Part 1

so I'm not mentally there on a lot of my runs. My mind is... elsewhere. Then I make a funny video reference that no one else gets because they don't waste obscene amounts of time watching funny viral videos.
 well today, get prepared. you are about to be treated to part 1 of my video references.

aw, yeah!

 "When I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning..."

Then to check the weather, to see if it's "friggin' cold, I shouldn't be half nude"

If it's cold, I need to put my tight pants on.

 But if it's hot, well, do I dare wear short shorts?

And really, who can think of putting on or taking off socks without thinking of business time?

 Whenever I end up running on the road, I think of rollerblades. And all I want for Christmas is my rollerblades "Just give them to me!"

 If I sprint ahead on some downhill and have to wait for the others, well "no one was looking... I was all by myself."

As far as getting stuck in the backcountry without any food to eat, the back-up plan has already been set. (Except Randy is named Jacob.)

 Train crossing? Such a dumb way to die.

Dude, don't spit. That's so.... loserly. Cake?! (this one is music to my ears, but not musical in nature)

Animal sighting are always exciting.

 And for running uphill, well, it's the climb. (watch this one. it's my favorite.)

Speaking of Miley... group runs are a party.

 Ugh, and I hate when I hit a spot of hot air on a run that totally throws me off. Makes me think of hot pockets.  (not musical. bite me.)

as far as taking a shower after a run, well...

 last but not least... when someone falls down and gets hurt, or they get lost, or they have a bad day.... I just want to shout "rub some bacon on it!"

No wonder I'm socially awkward.



  1. Replies
    1. it's only part 1... you are probably the only person who reads this that knows each video without needing to re-watch it. we're a match made in heaven.

  2. Great stuff! The bad lip reading of Twilight has to be one of my all-time faves.


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