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the 200th summit

Tomorrow morning I will wake up early. The vest will already be packed, the clothes laid out, and I will have given myself exactly 20 minutes from the time the alarm goes off to get out the door.

To celebrate the 200th summit of the year will be fun. It won’t be the hardest summit, nor the most crowded, nor the coldest nor the easiest nor the fastest nor the slowest. In nearly every way, it will be inconsequential. The thing that makes tomorrow important for me is that it serves as a reminder of what I’ve been able to do all year. The opportunities taken, the friendships built, the limits I pushed, the things I learned, the time trials and the ridge schwacks and the exploratory runs.

The last 200 summits chronicle a much larger chunk of life to me. “There are years that ask questions and years that answer”(Hurston.)

2014, and the many summits during it, asked me many questions. Why do I do this? Do I even like running? Who are my friends, how did these friendships form? Why do some frien…