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because sex sells: #mtnbabes

If you’re not aware of the hashtag sensation of #mtnbabes and the correlating instagram account, website, and videos, you’re probably in one of these categories: a chick, aren’t into outdoor recreation, or still have dial-up internet.

But if you do fall into one of those categories, let me educate you. The mission statement for Mountain Babes is (as stated on their website):

We want to represent those gnarly, hardcore chicks who know how to get after it and who understand the benefits of climbing the tallest peak. We believe in being all that you can be, and aspire to obtain the toughest challenges. We want women to thrive in the outdoors and appreciate the power of the mountains.

You’re thinking, this sounds great! I’d love to be a part of building a community of strong, empowered women. I’d love to inspire more women to get outside to mountaintops. How do I get involved?

The answer is simple: by taking topless photos on a mountaintop!

Wait, seriously?

Is that what inspires women to get ou…

Ways to Make Trail Running Awkward: 10 tips

Ask a stranger to put something in your vest

It also works to ask them to take something out of your vest. The sweatiest pockets, closest to your back, are the best places to store things, and it is such a pain to have to take your vest off!

Bonus Points: Don’t ask them to put something in your vest... silently hand them the item and turn around. Wait expectantly.

Point out the local peaks

Who doesn’t love a geographical lesson while they run?

Bonus Points: lengthy references to local history and geology

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] let's turn them into a song![/caption]

Pee next to the trail

Why bother hiking off the trail? Just stand next to it! Remember to aim away from the trail.

Bonus Points: Keep the conversation going while… you’re going. Extra bonus points if you make eye contact.

Have a stranger take your staged running photo

…because #trailfies can just get old. Give them instructions, such as how to frame the shot, how many photos …

is your run worth it?

Deciding whether or not to join a group run can seem like a tough decision.... But this point-based system takes care of all the hard work. So tell us, is your next group run worth it?