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The Wasatch 11,000ft+ Peaks and Sub-Peaks

I wanted to be a part of the Wasatch; to know its secrets. I thought if I could hit every point in the Wasatch above 11,000ft that I might know it better, that I might find a home there. This report details some of the many memories I've had as I summited the 36 Wasatch Peaks and Sub-Peaks in just over a month.

Nebo Ridge: North Peak, Nebo, Middle Nebo, South Nebo~ June 17, 2015 with Matt Williams, Matthew Van Horn, Kenzie Barlow, Chelsea Hathaway

 It was to be my first long ridge with both Chelsea and Kenzie, and the first time any of the 5 of us would hit any of the 4 summits. The girls and I met at the hotel room the evening before and woke up at a ridiculous 3am type time. Matthew Van Horn met us there, we were hopeful for some McDonalds but alas they don’t serve food in Provo til 5am. Another reason to hate Utah County. Fortunately we found a different McDonalds closer to the trailhead and met Matt Williams at the trailhead.

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