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easter in the desert

There are three layered colors of sandstone in Devil’s Garden. Escalante, the name for the top layer, is a delicate yellowish-white. We ran around on this layer, my boys footsteps bounding across gaps high above the red sand below. Cannonville, the center, a softer and darker rock, as it is in the shadow of the light-reflecting white rock it shoulders. Gunsight bears the weight of the other colors, it is a red and tan, bleeding into the earth below. This “garden” is merely quartzite grains cemented by calcium and iron, and then eroded grain by grain to reveal their color. How different are the colors of the microscopic grains?

 Color is a founding principle of Easter. The celebration on the vernal equinox rejoices in the rebirth of color across nature’s landscapes. The Pagan goddess Oestre, for whom many believe the holiday Easter gained its name from, rescued a bird whose wings were frozen and rigid with snow. Feeling like her late arrival caused the bird to be flightless, Oestre pit…

on barkley, on woodpeckers

it was only a day or two after I decided to stop pursuing rock climbing with fervor that I discovered Barkley.

I wanted to run as far as people could run. how far can we run? I began my search. I discovered 100 mile races. the human body can do that?! well there, that's it. I will run 100 miles. what is the hardest 100 miler? I want to run the hardest 100. I first found Western States, then Hardrock, then Barkley. Barkley. this is it. I stopped my research there, ceasing inquiry about the race for years. I'd never run more than a marathon at the time, and even that had been many years prior. I had shut my laptop and decided I should figure out how to be an ultra runner.

the barkley rumors were always around, like the flurries of march. I remember a random long run a few years ago in the hills above point of the mountain with a friend who told some of the tall tales of "out there." I'd run 100s before, but these stories, these were different. I ate them up. I wanted…