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Millwood 100M July 2016: 42+hrs, 1st female competition, 4th ever completion
Barkley Marathons April 2016: 2.5 loops, furthest female that year
RUFA (Running Up For Air) Feb 2016 - 11 laps, 22:30, 1st female, 2nd, CR
Wasatch 11er's - Summits of all 36 peaks/sub-peaks in 31 days (June-July)
WURL June 2015: 32+ hours 1st female finish
Bryce Canyon 100M June 2015: 23:50, 1st place female, CR
Antelope Canyon 50 Mile February 2015: 9:14 1st place female, CR
Zion Double Crossing FFKT/FKT (shared w/Craig Lloyd): Nov. 8, 2014, 24:50
TNF Park City ECS 50mile: 10:04, 4th place female, wearing a Forrest Gump costume/beard/wig
Grandeur (Church Fork): June 13, 2014 43:49 summit - just for fun, need to go time trial again!
Lake Mtn: May 21, 2014 54:50 summit, 1:20:29 RT - just for fun, need to go time trial again!
Mt. Wire: April 30, 2014 34:24 summit - just for fun, need to go time trial again!
Buffalo Run 100 Mile: March 21, 2014; 1st place female, 7th overall, 20:18, CR
White Rim (100 miles): Nov. 9th, 2013  21:52
Antelope Island 100k: Oct. 19, 2013 1st place female 10:06, CR, 4th overall
       (13th fastest female 100k time of 2013)
Utah Triple Crown: August 9th, 2013, women's FKT, 8:46:30
Pony Express 50miles: Oct. 2012 8:55, 2nd place female, 7th overall
Antelope Island 50k: Oct. 2012 4:54, 2nd place female, 10th overall

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The runner's high - that sought after, beautiful feeling of flow, fulfillment, contentment, and even pleasure - is so present in running media and culture, it seems as if the runner's low doesn't exist.
...Yet it's presence is continually there. It shows up in different ways - the post race blues with the unbalance of hormones and exhaustion and lack of routine. It can slide in at envy of others runs, their training schedule and ability, their social fun. It is deep in sultry pains of an ultra, when we question ourselves, who we are, why we are doing this. It's fierce when we are injured and unable to run at all. It sneaks in as a "NEED" to have another adventure, another high, and the low feeling when we can't satisfy that craving. It seems part of an addictive solution for our brain to feel happy and alive. It exists -  we remember a particularly fun run/adventure/race, and we want it - again. Even right after a race, blisters still oozing on our f…

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It's been said to us climbers that what we do is dangerous, and irresponsible. How could we risk our lives like this? And distance trail running, if it compromises our health why do it? How dare we take that time away from our families? And yet, to even make mention about a different lifestyle, one of weight, obesity, and all of the very dangerous and risky components it involves is socially disgraceful, insensitive, and cruel. I bring this up only to show how much weight, in general, is not "ok" to talk about. It's a sensitive subject, even, no, especially, for those of us already at a healthy weight who use our bodies to their fullest daily...

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it seems like the last few years I've aged, and I've grown. I lost my identity as a runner. if I didn't run frequently, if I wasn't in the mountains, if I wasn't pushing my own limits, what was I? 
I'd retained the identity as a mother, daughter, sibling, friend, student of literature and wilderness. this was a shift - less time, less comments, less messages with the running community that I didn't know well, a deepening of friendships and relationships with those closest to me.
it felt odd, going into standhope. I didn't have goals, I wasn't sure where I was at with running, I wasn't in shape for racing. I had this idealism, that if I raced hard, I could inspire others, not to run, but to pursue life with passion. but, what about when I can't race hard? when life is racing too hard for me to train?
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